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Updates on our projects – Jan 23, 2018

Jan 23, 2018
Just wanted to do a quick update on the projects we have in our pipeline. Our projects have changed ...
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Bigger Street, Merrillville update

Jan 10, 2018
We have an investor who is interested in purchasing 3 properties from us – Bigger St, Crane Pl and Nebraska Avenue. Crane Pl is ready and rented out so we are moving ahead with that property and we will be ...
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Weekly update blog – Jan 1, 2018

Jan 01, 2018
In order to better document my business, I will be writing a blog about my ongoing projects on a weekly basis. The purpose of this blog is to write about the ups and downs of running a real estate business. ...
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Why Consider Using a Real Estate Professional

May 08, 2017
The word ‘professional’ is thrown around so much today that it applies to practically anyone who has read ...
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How Does Commercial Development Impact Your Property Value?

Apr 28, 2017
While a homeowner’s own actions can do wonders for their home’s value, often times what is happening around ...
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How Do You Find a Good Property Manager

Feb 15, 2017
Your mentor told you that you need a property manager for your investment property. How do you find ...
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Why Investing for Cash Flow is Better than Investing for Appreciation

Feb 02, 2017
Some will argue all day over why investing for cash flow is better than Investing for appreciation. It’s ...
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Avoid Losing House to Foreclosure

Jan 25, 2017
You and your spouse have saved for years to buy a home. Finally, the day has come and ...
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What to Look for in a Property When Investing

Jan 19, 2017
When it comes to real estate investments it all boils down to the property itself. Everything from the region ...
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Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

Jan 19, 2017
Real estate investment can be a very powerful vehicle for you to reach your financial goals; but in ...
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8 Challenges that will hold you back from getting started in Real Estate Investment

Sep 29, 2016
Did you know the most difficult part in a real estate investment business? It is not the lack ...
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