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East Chicago Project

Posted by Max Properties LLC on January 15, 2018
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We are doing a rehab project for another investor who had contacted us about his townhouse in East Chicago, IN. Every now and then we do a rehab project for another investor. This is a property that the investor had owned for 5+ years and had a tenant living in the unit. The tenant moved out and the investor contacted us to see if we can send in our contractors to help him with getting the property back in move-in ready condition.

Below are some pics of the project after our contractors cleaned out a bit. 

Some take away points from the rehab (these points apply to rental rehab):

  • We use vinyl plank flooring for common areas (living room, kitchen and bathroom) in our rental properties. The reason for this is because the vinyl plank flooring is more durable than using carpet. Carpet will be cheaper up front but you will need to replace it more often (usually between tenants). Vinyl plank flooring will last you decades if installed and maintained properly. Once a tenant moves out, all you pretty much need to do is clean the flooring and you are good to go. This is the exact flooring we use for our rentals

Home Depot Vinyl Plank Flooring

  • Pick a nice paint color and use it on all rentals. We use a nice neutral color and use that paint color for all rentals. Use an eggshell finish on walls. The benefit of doing this is that when the tenant moves out you don’t have to worry about matching paint color for touch ups so no odd spots. And with Eggshell paint finish you will be able to wipe down a lot of scuff marks from the walls rather than having to paint the entire walls. For ceilings we use a flat white color and for doors and trims, we use Semi-Gloss White.
  • For plumbing fixtures, use high quality materials because it will last you much longer in the long-term vs using a cheaper fixture.
  • Start building your systems from Day 1 because it will make your life simpler and help you scale much faster and efficiently.

I will be posting finished pictures of the property once this project is completed this week.







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